Chemical engineers' handbook

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John Howard Perry
McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1941 - 3029 pagine
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Mathematical tables and weight and measure. Mathematics. Physical and chemical data. Indicators, qualitative analysis, catalysis, organic chemistry. Physical and chemical principles. Flow of fluids. Heat transmission. Evaporation. Humidification, dehumidification, and cooling towers and spray ponds. Gas absorption and solvent extraction. Adsorption. Distillation and sublimation. Drying. Mixing of materials. Mechanical separations. Crushing, grinding, and pulverizing. Measurement and control process variables. Materials of construction. High-pressure technique. Movement and storage of materials. Fuels. Power generation and mechanical power transmission. Refrigeration. Electricity and electrical engineering. Electrochemistry. Economic factors in chemical plant location. Accounting and cost finding. Safety and fire protection. Reports and Report writing.

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Mathematical Tables and Weights and Measures
Table Tage 14 The Partial Pressures of
Natural Trigonometric Functions Areas

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