Bilinguality and Literacy: Principles and Practice

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Manjula Datta
Bloomsbury Academic, 2000 - 273 pagine
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What are the educational needs of bilingual children? What methods can be deployed to develop their education? And - most important of all - how can their bilinguality be an asset in the classroom?

Applying theory and research findings to classroom practice, Bilinguality and Literacy demonstrates how bilingual children can benefit from a sensitive, informed and challenging education. With plentiful case studies and examples of children's work, this rich and optimistic text shows how children's bilinguality provides opportunities for the development of literacy throughout the curriculum.

The book includes contributions by Maggie Ross, Li Wei, Peter Cunningham, Ian Menter, and Azar Sheibani, together with a foreword by Colin Baker.

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Manjula Datta is Senior Lecturer in Bilingualism and Language Education at London Metropolitan University, UK, and is the co-author of A World of Languages: Developing Children's Love of Languages, CILT: 2004. She was an active member of the ESOL and TESOL Review Board at Trinity College, London, UK,for five years.

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