Regions and Regionalism in Europe

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Michael Keating
Edward Elgar, 01/gen/2004 - 692 pagine
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The last 50 years has seen the rise across Europe of a new intermediate level of government and politics, usually referred to as a region. However, the term region means many different things and can be approached from many different angles - geographical, historical, cultural, social, economic and political.

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The Canadian Global Change Program is Canada's premier science group on global environmental issues. Its mission is to promote informed action through sound advice on global change. Founded in 1985 under the auspices of the Royal Society of Canada, it is a non-governmental organization bringing
together scientists and other specialists from many disciplines to plan interdisciplinary research, assess its significance and communicate the implications. Michael Keating is a journalist whose experience includes nine years as environment reporter for the Globe and Mail.

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