Head and Heart: Affection, Cognition, Volition as Triune Consciousness

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Fordham Univ Press, 01/gen/1997 - 334 pagine
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Head and Heart proposes a theory of a triune consciousness formed by the heart and mind, composed of an equal partnership of reason, will, and affection. Professor Tallon sets out asking whether and how affective consciousness fits into this triad. By first defining affection in terms of intentionality (as the theory of a triune consciousness is possible only when affectivity has been shown to participate in intentionality), he argues that affection, in its full scope of passion, emotion, and mood, earns a place equal to cognition and volition as a constituent of the human consciousness. Tallon accomplishes his task by proving the existence of affectivity as a distinct kind of consciousness inseparable from the other two, by showing precisely how affection works, how it operates in synthesis with reason and will, and, finally, by offering a new concept of a triune consciousness as paradigm for the human mind.

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Andrew Tallon is Professor of Philosophy at Marquette University and director of Marquette University Press.

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