Meditations on Quixote

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University of Illinois Press, 1961 - 192 pagine
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"One of the essential experiences, the greatest perhaps, is Cervantes....Alas! If only we knew with certainty the secret of Cervantes' style, of his manner of approaching things, we would have found out everything".

In Meditations on Quixote, Jose Ortega y Gasset presents a powerful case for integrating literature into experience. Through a series of "essays in intellectual love", Ortega explores the aim of philosophy: to carry a given fact (a person, a book, a landscape, an error, a sorrow) by the shortest route to its fullest significance. He then considers how literature, specifically Cervantes, contributes to realizing this aim.

Arguing that "we are all heroes in some measure", that "heroism lies dormant everywhere as a possibility", and that "the will to be oneself is heroism", Ortega urges us to integrate the possible into our conception of the real. He presents Quixote as a profound book, full of references and allusions to the universal meaning of life, a book that presents with maximum intensity the particular mode of human existence that is peculiarly Spanish.

A call to his fellow Spaniards to join him in forging a new Spain, Ortega's Meditations on Quixote is also an invitation to his fellow humans to take up the challenge of literature, opening our minds and seeking all-embracing connections with the world and its people.


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Review: Meditations on Quixote

Recensione dell'utente  - Richard Anderson - Goodreads

Many fine insights on the origin of the novel out of The Epic, The Tragic, and The Comic. And his style can't be beat. Leggi recensione completa

Review: Meditations on Quixote

Recensione dell'utente  - Michael - Goodreads

A pleasant read, short chapters, exhilarating ideas. The big concern here is the history and proper uses of the novel and what Quixote can teach us about it, being the occasion of the art form's birth ... Leggi recensione completa

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Informazioni sull'autore (1961)

Jose Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955) was a philosopher and for many years held the chair of metaphysics at the University of Madrid. His other books include The Revolt of the Masses, Man and People, Meditations on Quixote, and What is Philosophy?

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