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Biblioteca di ISE CNRRisultati 101-110 di 190

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I trecento laghi del Trentino

Gino Tomasi - 2004 - Anteprima non disponibile
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Ecosystems and Human Health: Toxicology and Environmental Hazards, Second ...

Richard B. Philp - 2001 - Anteprima limitata
Renamed to reflect the expanded scope of the second edition, Ecosystems and Human Health: Toxicology and Environmental Hazards builds on the foundation created by the author in the first edition, Environmental Hazards and Human Health. Written in ...
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Environmental Sampling and Analysis for Metals

Maria Csuros, Csaba Csuros - 2002 - Anteprima limitata
Determination of metals is a major part of the work of environmental testing laboratories. EPA and DEP methodology releases provide information only for selected areas of metals sampling and analysis, and their language makes them unsuitable for ...
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Linee guida per la formazione dei piani di tutela delle acque

Regione Piemonte - 2004 - Anteprima limitata
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Image Analysis, Sediments and Paleoenvironments

Pierre Francus - 2004 - Anteprima limitata
This seventh volume of the DPER series examines imaging techniques for sedimentologists, paleolimnologists, paleoceanographers and microscopists working on issues related to paleoenvironmental reconstruction. It will help the researcher or ...
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A guide to sampling freshwater mussel populations

David Lowell Strayer, David R. Smith - 2003 - Visualizzazione frammento
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Remote Sensing in the 21st Century

EARSeL. Symposium - 2000 - Anteprima non disponibile
This volume covers almost all the operational applications and developments of remote sensing from agriculture and forestry to hydrology and meteorology. Advanced methods are given on hyperspectral and radar techniques.
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Applied Contaminant Transport Modeling

Chunmiao Zheng, Gordon D. Bennett - 2002 - Anteprima non disponibile
The challenges facing groundwater scientists and engineers today demand expertise in a wide variety of disciplines–geology, hydraulics, geochemistry, geophysics, and biology. As the number of the subdisciplines has increased and as each has ...
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Paleolimnology: The History and Evolution of Lake Systems

Andrew S. Cohen - 2003 - Anteprima limitata
This text, written by a leading researcher in the field, describes the origin and formation of lakes in order to give context to the question of how lacustrine deposits form. It explains the process of sedimentation in lakes and the chemistry of ...
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