A Dictionary of Food and Nutrition

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Oxford University Press, 2009 - 596 pagine
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Fully revised and updated, this leading dictionary contains over 6,150 entries covering all aspects of food and nutrition, diet and health, including 150 entries new to this edition. From absinthe to zymogens, the volume offers jargon-free definitions that clearly explain even the most technical of nutritional terms, covering types of food (including everyday foods, little-known foods such as payusnaya, and dishes from around the world, from accoub and fair maids to mushy peas and zakuska), nutritional information, vitamins, minerals, and much more. The new edition includes expanded coverage of key scientific areas including genomics, proteomics and metabolomicsand provides recommended web links for many entries, kept up to date and easily accessible via the Dictionary of Food and Nutrition companion website. With useful appendix material, including RDA lists, it is an essential resource for anyone studying, teaching or working with food and nutrition and for those who want to know more about the food they are eating.

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Dictionary 1
Units of measurement
Estimated average requirements for energy
The vitamins
USCanadian Recommended Dietary Allowances
EU Population Reference Intakes PRI of nutrients 1993
UK Reference Nutrient Intakes RNI 1991
Recommended Nutrient Intakes RNI for
Food additives permitted in the EU

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David A. Bender teaches nutrition and biochemistry to sutdents of medicine as well as of biochemistry, health sciences, humans sciences, and nursing. With his late father Arnold E. Bender, he has written Food Tables and Food Labelling (OUP, 1986 and 1991) and Nutrition: A Reference Handbook(OUP, 1996). David A. Bender teaches nutrition and biochemistry to students of medicine as well as of biochemistry, health sciences, and human sciences.

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