African Children at Work: Working and Learning in Growing Up for Life

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Gerd Spittler, M. F. C. Bourdillon
LIT Verlag Münster, 2012 - 352 pagine
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Most children in Africa start working from a very early age, helping the family or earning wages. Should this work be abolished, tolerated, or encouraged? Such questions are the subject of much debate. International and national organizations, employers, parents, and children often have diverse opinions and put pressure in different directions. The contributions in this book offer intensive fieldwork and careful analysis of children's activities, considering childhood and family, work and play, work in rural and urban contexts, paths to learning, work and school, and children's rights. (Series: Reports on African Studies / Beitrage zur Afrikaforschung - Vol. 52)

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A case study
Bamana children at work
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Schooling or Working? How family decision processes
Childrens Work Child Fostering and the Spread of Formal
Economic restructuring and childrens everyday

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