Art as Therapy with Children

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Magnolia Street Publishers, 1993 - 238 pagine
A classic in the field & one which may have inspired many to become art therapists, this eminently readable volume is ideal for acquainting students with some of the fundamental ideas in the field. Subjects such as a sense of identity, feelings of emptiness, interpretation of reality, ambivalence, aggression, defenses, & sublimation are discussed as Edith Kramer's eloquent words capture the interplay between child, artwork & therapist, bringing to life the fast-moving events in an artroom peopled by emotionally disturbed children. Kramer has a deep knowledge of psychoanalysis, skill & intuition as an artist & the humane love of a born teacher. In one reviewer's opinion, her book's discussion of sublimination, art & defense, aggression & the role of the art therapist have not been surpassed by later volumes or other authors. Richly documented with case material & abundantly illustrated, this book offers inspiration not only to fledgling clinicians, but to any one working with children who wishes to understand how & why art can have such a profound effect. Edith Kramer is a practicing artist & educator who has worked with disturbed, handicapped & normal children in a variety of settings. She is currently adjunct professor of art therapy at NYU.

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