Black But Italian: Not Just Black, More Than Italian

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School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2016 - 220 pagine
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From the author's introduction: For the duration of this thesis I am going to focus on adoption and international adoptees, addressing them as a "social category" Adoptees are among the less acknowledged and represented categories by the media and general public, international adoption in particular. To be precise. I am not referring to adopted children. but to those that were children yesterday: adult adoptees. My intent is to look at the adult adoptee as "cultural consumer" to reflect in general on the impact and effect that media and social media have on adoptee identity development. Specifically to the encounter and the imposition of cultural frames experienced by adoptees abroad and in Italy operated by the people of color and not: family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and passersby affected by what Yudice in The Expediency of Culture calls "imaginary of diversity projected by consumer culture."

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