Book of the Mystery: Cosmic History Chronicles Volume III - Time and Art: Art as the Expression of the Absolute, Volume 3

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Foundation for the Law of Time, 25 lug 2007 - 252 pagine
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The Book of the Mystery: Art and the Imaginal Realm is now available for purchase online or by calling the Foundation of the Law of Time. This book includes more than 60 color graphics and a unique full color fold-out of famous artists "galactic signatures." "It is the duty of the Book of the Mystery to bring to the forefront the fact that, yes, human civilization is swimming in an ever-increasing sea of images, and many people are depressed and struggling every day just to survive. Why? The reason lies in a whole system disconnect from Source reinforced by the bombardment of images. According to Cosmic History, this situation can change in an instant when the human learns to shake off preconceptions of the world and regain their imaginal freedom. Once everyone returns to the core of their unique, imaginal essence, our planet will be transformed." -Book of the Mystery

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