Bosstrology: The Twelve Bastard Bosses of the Zodiac

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St. Martin's Press, 8 gen 2003 - 192 pagine

The Astro-guide that no worker should be without!

At last! A no-nonsense astrology book that explains why all bosses are such complete and utter bastards. Learn why Cancerian bosses never mean what they say, and why Capricorn bosses will never invite you round for dinner. Discover why Scorpio bosses all think you want their jobs, and why working for a Sagittarius can result in falling out of a helicopter into a pile of manure. Find out why Aquarius bosses all want to save the world (so long as it doesn't cost them any money), and why Pisces bosses are contradictions in terms.

Ever wondered why your boss ignores all your ideas? Maybe he's a Taurus and can't stand anything new. Maybe he's a Virgo and too busy compiling the week's to-do lists. Or maybe he's a Gemini and never shows up to work in the first place.

Bosstrology is a tax-deductible reference tool that should be in every office, shop, farm, orchard, or construction site.

Essential reading for disgruntled employees!

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Informazioni sull'autore (2003)

Adele Lang was born in London, but moved to Perth, Australia when she was 16, living mostly in Melbourne after that, and finally she moved back to London in 1997. She also began her career as an advertising copywriter, but segued into TV scriptwriting (in Australia), magazine columnist, newspaper feature writer, and author. She has had several books published, including Bosstrology, The Best Book of Girls Behaving Badly... Ever, How To Spot a Bastard by His Star Sign and Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber, her first novel. Currently Adele is the astrology columnist for Marie Claire.

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