Charles Darwin: Evolution by Natural Selection

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Greenwood Press, 1976 - 290 pagine
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Excerpt from Charles Darwin: Evolution by Natural Selection My introduction to the name of Darwin took place nearly sixty years ago in Paris, where I used to be taken from i'ny home in the Rue de la Paix to play in the Gardens of the Tuileries. On the way, in the Rue saint-honor near the corner of the Rue de Castiglione, was a Shop that called itself Articles pour chz'ens and sold dog collars, harness, leads, raincoats, greatcoats With little pockets for handker chiefs, and buttoned boots made of india - rubber, the pair for fore - paws larger than the pair for hind-paws. One day this heavenly shop produced a catalogue, and although I have long since lost it, I remember its introduction as vividly as if I had it before me. It began, 'on sait depuis Darwin que nous descendons des singes, ce qui nous'fait encore plus aimer nos chiens.' I asked, 'qu'est ce que ca veut dire, Darre-vingt?' My father came to the rescue and told me that Darwin was a famous Englishman who had done something or other that meant nothing to me at all; but I recollect that because Darwin was English and a great man, it all fitted perfectly into my pattern of life, which was built on the principle that if anything was English it must be good. I have learnt better since then, but Darwin, at any rate, has never let me down.

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