Eating Disorders in Athletes

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John Wiley & Sons, 28 feb 2008 - 230 pagine
This comprehensive, up-to-date book presents the latest research and applied practice to address all of the key issues relating to sport and eating disorders. The book begins by looking at the underlying factors behind the development of disordered eating. It goes on to consider evaluation, diagnosis and treatment across a wide range of sports and assesses the various types of treatment available and the practicalities of implementing treatment programmes. A whole chapter is devoted to the role of the internet, both as a source of information and possible treatment, for athletes with these disorders. The final chapter provides four practical examples and case studies of disordered eating in high-risk sports.

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1 Good Eating Habits in Sport
2 The Importance of Weight in Some Sports
3 Eating Disorders and the Athletes Environment
4 The Assessment and Diagnosis of Eating Disorders in Sport
5 Eating Disorders in Different Sports
6 Treating Eating Disorders in Sport
7 Cyberpsychology and Eating Disorders in Sport
8 Case Studies of Eating Disorders in Sport

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Informazioni sull'autore (2008)

Joaquin Dosil, PhD, is a professor at teh Univesity o Vigo in north-west Spain and head of the doctoral course: 'Current perspectives of physical activity and sport psychology'. He is a foundation member and the former President of the Ibero-American Society of Sport Psychology (SIPD). Dosil is the Director of a Sport Psychology Unit in Santiago de Compostela, where he attends athletes and sport teams from various modalities and levels. He has authored or edited 12 books with the most recent being. The Sport Psychologist's Handbook: A guide for Sport-Specific Performance Enhancement, and published over 60 articles and chapters in Spanish. He frequently participates as a lecturer in International and National Congresses, Masters and Doctoral Degree programmes. Dosil is also an avid runner, specializing in distance events, particularly the half-marathon.

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