Economic Perspectives on Craft Beer: A Revolution in the Global Beer Industry

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Christian Garavaglia, Johan Swinnen
Springer, 19 dic 2017 - 494 pagine

This book investigates the birth and evolution of craft breweries around the world. Microbrewery, brewpub, artisanal brewery, henceforth craft brewery, are terms referred to a new kind of production in the brewing industry contraposed to the mass production of beer, which has started and diffused in almost all industrialized countries in the last decades. This project provides an explanation of the entrepreneurial dynamics behind these new firms from an economic perspective.

The product standardization of large producers, the emergence of a new more sophisticated demand and set of consumers, the effect of contagion, and technology aspects are analyzed as the main determinants behind this ‘revolution’. The worldwide perspective makes the project distinctive, presenting cases from many relevant countries, including the USA, Australia, Japan, China, UK, Belgium, Italy and many other EU countries.


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Part I Overview
A Comparative International Perspective
Part II Country Studies
Strategic Connections to Macro and European Brewers
3 The Canadian Craft Beer Sector
The Case of Colombia
Craft Beer Nation?
The Emergence of Microbreweries in Denmark
The Rise of Craft Brewing in the Netherlands
The Change of Trendsetters in the Polish Beer Market
12 Craft Beer in Slovakia
13 The Recent Advent of Micro Producers in the Spanish Brewing Industry
14 Beer on The Evolution of Micro and Craft Brewing in the UK
16 Government Regulations and Microbreweries in Japan
17 Craft Beer in China

7 Craft Beer in Germany New Entries in a Challenging Beer Market
8 The Emergence and Survival of Microbreweries in Hungary
9 The Birth and Diffusion of Craft Breweries in Italy

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Informazioni sull'autore (2017)

Christian Garavaglia is Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics Management and Statistics, University of Milano-Bicocca, and Research Affiliate at the ICRIOS (The Invernizzi Center for Research on Innovation, Organization, Strategy and Entrepreneurship), Bocconi University, Italy. His research interests include industrial organization, industrial dynamics, industry evolution, the economics of beer and consumer preferences for food.

Johan Swinnen is Professor of Economics and Director of the LICOS Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance at the University of Leuven (KUL), Belgium. He is also Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Brussels, where he directs the programme on EU agricultural and rural policy. He was previously Lead Economist at the World Bank and Economic Advisor at the European Commission. He consults for the OECD, FAO, EBRD, UNDP, IFAD and to several Governments, and was coordinator of several international research networks on food policy, institutional reforms, and economic development. He was President-elect of the International Association of Agricultural Economists, a Fellow of the European Association of Agricultural Economists and President of the Beeronomics Society. He has published widely on political economy, institutional reform, trade, agricultural and food policy.

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