Eiffel: The Language

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Prentice Hall, 1992 - 594 pagine

Quickly emerging as the language of choice for developers of quality software, this guide explains how the Eiffel language combines rigorous software engineering principles with advanced object-oriented techniques. It reveals the simplicity, consistency, and blend of various powerful mechanisms in Eiffel, including: an object-oriented structure based on classes ; multiple and repeated inheritance information hiding assertions to guarantee, document, and test the correctness of software components; strong typing backed by support for generic classes; dynamic binding a highly dynamic run-time model supporting garbage collection renaming and redefinition facilities . . . disciplined exception handling and support for persistent objects. As both an implementation language and a high-level notation for analysis and design, Eiffel emphasizes the industrial production of reusable software components. Written for software designers, analysts, and programmers.

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Invitation to Eiffel
Syntax validity and semantics
The structure

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