Entrepreneurship and Technological Change

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Lucio Cassia, Tommaso Minola, Stefano Paleari
Edward Elgar, 2011 - 321 pagine
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This book scrutinizes the relationship between entrepreneurship and change in technological domains in order to discover how each element influences the other. Fresh empirical evidence is placed under the lens of recent theoretical advancements, through the exploration of entrepreneurial initiatives at firm, regional and industrial levels.

Distinguished scholars in the fields of entrepreneurship, technology management, strategy and innovation investigate how technological changes generate opportunities that entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial organizations can fully exploit. They also discuss the argument that entrepreneurial behavior can be a promoter of change in both technology-generating and technology-adopting businesses, and explore topics such as strategic renewal through change and entrepreneurship (at both corporate, regional and industrial level).

This unique and absorbing book will prove invaluable to academics and students with an interest in entrepreneurship and technology, as well as to entrepreneurs, research and development managers and corporate executives wishing to gain an insight on how change benefits business creation and renewal.

Contributors include: O.J. Borch, L. Cassia, I. Cowlrick, A. De Massis, D. Faems, S. Ford, L. Foss, P. Giacon, F. Gunzel, T. Hedner, T. Iakovleva, J. Kickul, M. Klofsten, F. Lamers, C. Leger-Jarniou, T. Minola, T. Minshall, L. Mortara, M. Muffatto, J. Napp, E. Oftedal, M. Olausson, S. Paleari, I.H.E. Roaldsen, A. Solheim, P. Svensson, C. Viala, K. Visscher, H. Wilker, R. Wolf

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Edited by Lucio Cassia, Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, Tommaso Minola, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Technology Management and CYFE - Center for Young and Family Enterprise, University of Bergamo and Stefano Paleari, Professor in Business Economics and Finance, Department of Economics and Technology Management, University of Bergamo, Italy

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