Etruscan by Definition: The Culture, Regional and Personal Identity of the Etruscans : Papers in Honour of Sybille Haynes

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Judith Swaddling, Philip Perkins
British Museum, 2009 - 111 pagine
Twelve papers by leading international scholars on the theme of the cultural, regional and personal identity of the Etruscans. The volume celebrates the originality of the Etruscan character manifest in its richly varied workshop production, and examines some unusual objects and buildings, considering what they tell us of Etruscan life, belief and influences. On a personal note, it considers how the Etruscans themselves wished to be identified and remembered. Two contrasting papers discuss attitudes to the Etruscans in the 18th century and the latest evidence for their origins using DNA studies. The papers were originally presented at a conference in 2006, celebrating the work of the renowned Etruscologist, Sybille Haynes.

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The Hamilton Gray Vase
Sistra in Etruria?
The Importance of Being Umaele

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Judith Swaddling is a Senior Curator in the Department of Greece and Rome, The British Museum. She edited with John Prag a publication on Seianti Hanunia Tlesnasa: the Story of an Etruscan Noblewoman, in the British Museum Occasional Paper series (no. 100).Philip Perkins is Head of the Department of Classical Studies, The Open University. He is author of Etruscan Bucchero in the British Museum, published in the British Museum Research Publications series (no. 165).

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