Euroscepticism in the EU: New Dimensions in Opposition to European Integration

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Simon Usherwood, Nicholas Startin, Simona Guerra
Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, 28 feb 2018 - 240 pagine
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Although euroscepticism appears to be on the rise across the EU, it remains a poorly understood phenomenon, reflecting political marginalisation and indifference. This collection addresses those shortcomings by providing an integrated set of reflections on the understanding of the term. Expert contributors offer a range of disciplinary approaches to euroscepticism and illustrate the breadth and scope of the topic with a selection of innovative case studies. The book provides a thought-provoking contribution to the academic literature at a time when the future of the European integration project is increasingly being challenged. The volume is highly innovative, reconceptualising the important phenomenon of euroscepticism in a new and interdisciplinary light.

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