For the Maintenance of Landscape: Selected Poems

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Guernica, 2012 - 125 pagine
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Most contemporary poets wear their cultural and artistic influences on their sleeve. Picking up a book in an English language bookstore, it is easy to see where the poet is coming from, either geographically, or culturally (ironic and formal; confessional and free etc). This may seem reductive until you read a book like the one you have in your hands. Put simply, Mia Lecomte is a quietly dazzling poet on her own terms. She is fed by multiple cultures, she is widely read, but her writing is unique and absolutely genuine. You won't have read anything like this.

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Poet, author of children's books and plays, among Mia Lecomte's most recent publications are: the poetry collections Autobiografie non vissute (Manni 2004) and Terra di risulta (La Vita Felice 2009), and the children's books Come un pesce nel diluvio (Sinnos 2008) and L'Altracittą (Sinnos 2010). She lives in Rome.

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