How to Spot Lies Like the FBI: Protect Your Money, Heart, and Sanity Using Proven Tips.

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Cosmic Wind Press, 2010 - 262 pagine
Someone will lie to you today. Do you have the skills to detect it? In How to Spot Lies Like the FBI, veteran FBI agent Mark Bouton shows you how to perceive when someone is trying to trick you by interpreting his body language, facial expressions, and verbal "tells." Bouton uses photographs and specific examples of how detecting lies helped him nab killers, kidnappers, bank robbers, con men, and bombers. The same techniques can help you spot when family, friends, lovers, salesmen, and repairmen are trying to deceive you. This knowledge will enrich your enjoyment of life and take the doubt out of your relationships.

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After obtaining degrees in sociology and law, Mark Bouton entered the FBI, where for 30 years he investigated terrorism and criminal cases across America. He nabbed killers, kidnappers, con men, bank robbers, and embezzlers, and he played a key role in identifying the Oklahoma City bombers. He currently writes suspense novels and nonfiction books, gives talks about the FBI, writing, and how to spot lies, and lives on a horse ranch in Kansas. He can be contacted at

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