I Will Bear Witness: 1942-1945

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Random House, 1999 - 556 pagine
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Described by the London "Sunday Times" as, "the color film of Nazi Germany after years of black and white, " "I Will Bear Witness" has been heralded as one of the most courageous and remarkable books of our time. The second volume of this extraordinary work covers the worst years of the war, including the Final Solution and the advance of Allied troops.

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I will bear witness: a diary of the Nazi years

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The second volume of Klemperer's Holocaust diary is even more compelling than the first (LJ 10/15/98). As one of 198 surviving Dresden Jews, Klemperer offers unique, keenly felt observations of daily ... Leggi recensione completa

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A professor of Romance languages in Dresden, Victor Klemperer wrote several major works on seventeenth- and eighteenth-century French literature before he was expelled from his post in 1935. He lived through the war in Dresden with his wife, Eva. Klemperer's secret diaries were thought for many years to have been lost or suppressed by the Communist authorities of East Germany, where Klemperer lived after the war. He wife deposited them after his death in 1960 in the Dresden Landesarchiv, where they remained until they were uncovered by Victor Nowojski, a former pupil, who edited and transcribed them for publication in Germany. Their reception there was a national event. The diaries have been translated into twelve languages.

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