Il mito del bravo italiano

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Il Saggiatore, 1994 - 110 pagine
Disagrees with the widespread opinion in Italy that the Racial Laws of 1938 and antisemitism were a deviation in the history of the country; asserts, instead, that they were rooted in certain aspects of the Italian culture. Recognizes two influences in the configuration of fascist antisemitism: the idea that race is the result of the evolution of a community, and the anti-Judaism of the Catholic Church. The confluence of these two ideologies determined the prescriptive character of the Racial Laws, which aimed to fulfill the ideal of community and nation. The Jews, because of their different cultural identity, were considered, by Church and State, to be dangerous aliens, capable of subverting the values and order of the community. Consequently, the Racial Laws restricted the Jews' individual rights, segregating them or trying to assimilate them into Italian society and culture. Concludes that the physical annihilation of the Jews was not in the spirit of these laws.

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Anni novanta Modernizzazione

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