Jerusalem: its sanctity and centrality to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

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Lee I. Levine
Continuum, 1999 - 516 pagine
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The recent celebration of the three thousandth anniversary of David's conquest of Jerusalem as well as the peace talks between Arabs and Jews raise anew the role of this holy city in the three major faiths of the Western world.

In Jerusalem, over thirty world-renowned scholars reconsider the significance of Jerusalem in the thought and practice of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. The authors describe its tumultuous history from biblical times to the present, under Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious rule. But they also probe its rich significance as a goal of pilgrimage, as the sacred center of the world, and as a symbol of eschatological fullness.

The goal of the book is to search out the commonalities of the three faiths on the one hand, and to define the differences on the other, for the purpose of mutual understanding and coexistence.

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Jerusalem: its sanctity and centrality to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

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One would be hard pressed to find a city that can compare to Jerusalem in age and religious importance. More than a city, Jerusalem is a symbol, a holy place, and center of pilgrimage. Its history has ... Leggi recensione completa


From the Kings Sanctuary to the Chosen City
The First Stages of Jerusalems Sanctification

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Lee I. Levine is Professor of Jewish History and Rev. Moses Bernard Lauterman Family Chair in Classical Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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