Laboratory methods in histotechnology

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American Registry of Pathology, 1992 - 279 pagine
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This protocol laboratory manual is designed for daily laboratory use. With vivid color photographs, descriptive line art & detailed special staining techniques, histotechnologists can achieve the highest quality preparations. Written by experienced histotechnologists & pathologists at the AFIP, this up-to-date comprehensive laboratory manual gives histotechnologists detailed information & helpful tips on how to produce optimal slides. Now available from: The American Registry of Pathology AFIP, Room 1077, Washington, D.C. 20306-600, (202) 576-2940. Cost: $35.00, 25 percent discount to U.S. bookstores. $3.00 S&H per book, domestic address. 25 percent S&H per book, foreign addresses.

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Chapter 7Embedding

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