Latin American and Caribbean Trade Agreements: Keys to a Prosperous Community of the Americas

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BRILL, 2009 - 490 pagine
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Latin American and Caribbean Trade Agreements: Keys to a Prosperous Community of the Americas is the essential reference guide for companies trading with Latin America and the Caribbean or wishing to use a country in the region as an export platform. This work fills the void in academic texts that are used to teach courses on economic integration in the Western Hemisphere. It provides a road map for the Obama Administration to launch an ambitious project designed to encourage economic growth, promote energy security, and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, while at the same time realistically meeting the development needs of Latin America and the Caribbean. Latin American and Caribbean Trade Agreements: Keys to a Prosperous Community of the Americas posits that the myopic focus of past United States administrations on free markets to spur economic development in the Western Hemisphere is not enough. A bolder and more ambitious project that also seeks to redress many of the deep-seated problems that have long plagued the region is required. The Community of the Americas proposed in this book rests upon the important work that has already been done at the sub-regional level in terms of economic and political reform, identifying infrastructure and human capital needs, and regulating migration. It provides a new and cohesive vision for U.S. policy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Early Attempts at Latin American and Caribbean Economic Integration
Latin American Integration Association
Origins Current Status and Future of MERCOSUR
Institutional Framework of MERCOSUR and How the MERCOSUR Economic Integration Process Functions
Foreign Investment Climate Within MERCOSUR and Business Opportunities
Institutional Framework of the Andean Community and How the Andean Economic Integration Process Functions
Foreign Investment Climate Within the Andean Community and Business Opportunities
Central American Integration System
The Caribbean Common Market and Community and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States
Rise and Fall of the Free Trade Area of the Americas
Creating a Prosperous Community of the Americas
Table of Instruments

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Thomas Andrew O'Keefe, Esq., is President of the Washington, D.C.-based Mercosur Consulting Group, Ltd., a legal and economic consulting firm specializing on trade and investment in Latin America and the Caribbean. He currently teaches in the International Relations and Earth Systems Programs at Stanford University

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