Lepidopteran anatomy

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Wiley, 4 mar 1988 - 257 pagine
Other Wiley-Interscience books for your library. Fundamentals of Insect Physiology Edited by Murray S. Blum ".the best such textbook available." --Nature This text offers a contemporary, lucid survey of this fast-growing field, synthesizing established principles with the latest research findings. It serves both as a text for courses in insect physiology and as a basic reference for entomologists, zoologists, pest managers, and physiologists. 1985 (0 471-05468-2) 598 pp. Arthropod Brain Its Evolution, Development, Structure, and Functions Edited by Ayodhya P. Gupta Collecting the latest findings and theories for the first time, Arthropod Brain presents an up-to-date, authoritative examination of the evolution, development, macro- and microanatomy, and functions of the brain in major arthropod groups as well as in the sister group Onychophora. Over 150 illustrations complement the coverage, and bibliographies are included for each chapter. 1987 (0 471-82811-4) 500 pp.

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\About the author John L. Eaton is Professor in the Department of Entomology at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He received his PhD in entomology at the University of Illinois in 1966.

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