Metamorphosis through Conscious Living: A Transpersonal Psychology Perspective

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Ingo B. Jahrsetz, Lindy McMullin
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 21 ago 2017 - 357 pagine
Metamorphosis, the theme of this book, derives from the Ancient Greek language and refers to a transformative process that often includes disintegration and reintegration, on the route to conscious living with self, community and the world. This collection proposes that engagement with the sacred is what makes research and practice transpersonal, the sacred ‘other’ that lives both within and beyond us as individuals and unique cultures. The transpersonal approach is distinctive in that it regards the potential metamorphosis of all those involved in research and professional practice a core value. This volume engages the audience in professional, practical, as well as inquiry-related topics that reflect the diverse nature of the transpersonal studies field, and extend an experience of metamorphosis to the reader. The book moves scholarship forward in an innovative and creative way with relevant themes that not only honour the sacred, but lend a transpersonal paradigm to scientific and professional methods and models.


Voices of the EUROTAS Council of Elders
A Transpersonal Call for Action
Multidimensional Consciousness and Experiential Paths
Transpersonal Therapeutic Approaches and Embodiment and Healing Dimensions
Pursuing Transpersonal Theory and Inquiry
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Informazioni sull'autore (2017)

Lindy McMullin has completed her PhD in the application of Ancient Greek myth and music in personal, professional and transpersonal development. She is the author of A Soul’s Journey, the Essence of a Spiritual Path towards the Transpersonal, and she is in private practice as a transpersonal psychotherapist, educator and researcher in Greece.

Regina U. Hess, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist and researcher at the International Institute for Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy, Germany. She specializes in shamanic traditions, spiritual paths, the use of altered states of consciousness for healing, and transcultural research, as reflected in her published dissertation and related articles.

Marcie Boucouvalas, PhD, is Professor Emerita of Human Development at Virginia Tech, USA, and editor of The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. She has focused, for several decades, on the nature and importance of the transpersonal vision and practice to development of individuals, relationships/groups, organizations/society and planetary cosmic domains, as illuminated in her publications.

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