Mind-bending for Mind-mending: Wizard Ways with Words

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Aardvark Global Publishing, 2006
This Velo bound manual is designed to clarify and demystify much of the fragmented and obscure information available in the field of Hypnotism. It is presented in a step by step progression of the basic building blocks, from the simplest, such as voice production, through the most complex processes. This mirrors the author's journey from novice to adept. Subtle factors are broken down to their simplest elements, becoming more easily comprehensible. The goal is to provide concrete tools for the hypnotism practitioner that can be used right away. This is a "how to" not a "what to do" manual, and as such it's methods can be incorporated into any type of hypnosis or hypnotherapy. The tools are to empower the construction of suggestions, suggestion processes and scripts, both for trance induction, the molding of consciousness, and goal directed suggestions. Including direct and indirect. Here is just one of the extraordinarily positive reactions to this novel and original work. ┐Hi, Brian.. I'm about half way through reading your manual. I've never encountered so thorough an analysis of a subject. I find myself delighted, astonished, grateful that you accepted as a challenge your need to learn more about hypnosis. My reaction so far'.....the thought occurred to me, "he's dancing with words, it's an elegant ballet, and I think he's a true original┐. By the way .. .. I consider your book a masterpiece. Good job, Brian!┐ Virginia Sayles, M.A., of Prairie Hypnotherapy Ltd. Includes topics such as covert ways for bypassing resistance to the induction of trance, and bypassing resistance to suggestions for the client┐s own goals. Also how to construct a smooth natural hypnotic continuum, by combining suggestions for pre-induction, seeding, induction, deepening, and goals. And so much more. Ending with a bibliography of 120+ references, this book is a goldmine of resources for future growth. On acid free, non-browning, extra bright, long lasting, high quality paper. With 230+ 81/2┐ x 11┐ oversize pages, in single line spaced larger, clearer, easier to read 12 point Ariel Narrow font, which allows the packing of so much more information per page. This, ┐how to┐ instruction manual includes literally hundreds of suggestions and suggestion stems, a source of endless information. Here is another comment in this regard. "Truly have enjoyed the book, and I read and reread bits of it daily. Your work product is well researched, well thought out, and a great contribution to the field. Let me end by saying that the information density in your book is the highest I have seen. Yes it runs to 200+ pages, but I couldn't think of a single page I'd cut out because it was redundant. Phenomenal effort my Friend. I really use it regularly and I love it. Money well spent!" Hubert Cole (Texas Tranceman) The reader can enjoy and be entertained on many levels by the chatty informal but erudite style, that displays insights gleaned from ranging across decades of the hypnosis literature, and more than ten years of the author┐s own private practice. From the ┐greats┐ of the past to the brightest of the moderns, an extensive study. This wise and funny introduction demonstrates a dazzling array of ┐hypno- linguistic┐ and ┐hypno-therapeutic┐ verbal processes, aka. ┐hypnotese.┐ Blended with a wacky, wild and wicked humor, from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the sacred to the profane, there and back. All designed to serve concrete practical ends in a most available manner. At times more charming hilarious witty Monty Python than old time Svengali. This masterful display of comprehensive knowledge contains passages of absolute brilliance scattered among the merely superior, creating a magnificent if not stunning tour de force. The last word on words.

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