Naval boilers: a text-book for the instruction of mid-shipmen at the U.S. Naval academy

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Lord Baltimore Press, 1903 - 358 pagine
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Pagina 296 - Keeping the Records. — Take note of every event connected with the progress of the trial, however unimportant it may appear. Record the time of every occurrence and the time of taking every weight and every observation. The coal should be weighed and delivered to the fireman in equal proportions, each sufficient for not more than one hour's run, and a fresh portion should not be delivered until the previous one has all been fired. The time required to consume each portion should be noted, the time...
Pagina 295 - The conditions of the boiler and furnace in all respects should be, as nearly as possible, the same at the end as at the beginning of the test. The steam pressure should be the same, the...
Pagina 296 - The boiler being thoroughly heated by a preliminary run, the fires are to be burned low and well cleaned. Note the amount of coal left on the grate as nearly as it can be estimated; note the pressure of steam and the water level.
Pagina 313 - At this distance the lines become invisible, and the cards appear to be of different shades of gray, ranging from very light gray to almost black. The observer glances from the smoke coming from...
Pagina 56 - That the evaporative efficiency of nearly every kind of oil per pound of combustible is probably the same. While the crude oil may be rich in hydrocarbons, it also contains sulphur, so that, after refining, the distilled oil has probably the same calorific value as the crude product. (c) That a marine steam generator can be forced to even as high a degree with oil as with coal. (d) That up to the present time no ill effects have been shown upon the boiler. (e) That the firemen are disposed to favour...
Pagina 296 - ... to work under a constant rate of production. Uniformity of conditions should prevail as to the pressure of steam, the height of water, the rate of evaporation, the thickness of fire, the times of firing and quantity of coal fired at one time, and as to the intervals between the times of cleaning the fires.
Pagina 327 - ... Grate surface reduced in tests Nos. 5 and 6, to 5 feet 6 inches ; 52 square feet area. Heating surface: area, 2640 square feet; ratio to grate, 41.74:1. Per cent, waterheating surface, 100. Grate bars: kind, fixed. Smoke pipe: area, 7.876 feet; height, 48 feet above grate ; ratio to grate, 1 : 8.03. Weight of boiler and all fittings except up-takes and smoke pipe : Without water...
Pagina 313 - At this distance, the lines on the ruled cards are not visible, and the cards appear to be of different shades of gray, ranging from very light gray to almost black. The observer glances from the smoke to the cards and determines which one is nearest in color to that of the smoke.
Pagina 330 - Efficiency of boiler, including the grate; heat absorbed by the boiler, per Ib. of dry coal, divided by the heat value of one Ib. of dry coal percent.
Pagina 315 - The calorimeter and the pipe leading to it should be well covered with felting. Whenever the indications of the throttling or separating calorimeter show that the percentage of moisture is irregular, or occasionally in excess...

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