Nkrumah's Legacy and Africa's Triple Heritage Between Globalization and Counter Terrorism

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Ghana Universities Press, 2004 - 62 pagine
This publication comprises the revised texts of a series of three lectures, the Aggrey-Frazer- Guggisberg Memorial lectures, delivered by the renowned scholar, at the University of Ghana in 2002. The first lecture explores globalisation as the product of religion, technology, economy and empire. It postulates that globalisation can be positive or negative, depending upon the values it is realised. The second lecture raises question such as: Is there such a thing as 'global Africa'? Has the 'black experience' itself been globalised, with Ghana as a major actor in that globalisation? How does this relate to the shadow of terrorism and counter-terrorism? The third lecture focuses on some of the key personalities of Africa's anti-colonial history, examining how Africa has sought to move from the shadows of globalisation, in quest of an empowered and constructive role in the global order.

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