Orphans of the One Or the Deception of the Immanence: Essays on the Roots of Secularization

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Peter Lang, 2010 - 239 pagine
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Through a collection of essays in mataphysics, opistemology and ethics, this book explores the evolution of the idea of the One and Many.

Since Parmenides' dichotomy of One and Many, the One of the ancient cosmogonies has been reduced to a pole of our thought, a sterile identity which has been identified with truth but cannot bring forth nor give order to the Many. The author reflects on how the Parmenidean dichotomy has led, for many centuries after Parmenides, to the metaphysical attempts to reduce the Many to the One, causing unsolvable opistemological problems, and to the metaphysical dissolution of the One in the Many of time, causing the moral crisis of the West. Further, this study analyses the epistemic and spiritual impasse of the West and shows a possible solution to this problem to unearth the forgotten dichotomy, the key to understand millenaria philosophical problems, such as consciousness, movement and causality, which are deadlocked because they all stem from the reduction of temporal phenomene within the framework of a rational thought which is unable to account for the non-identical.

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Introduction The Deception of the Immanence
Consciousness as the One SelfSame Thought that Represents the Many
Platos parricide Selfidentity from Ontological to Formal Principle
Aristotles Ontologization of Change Many is actually One
The Return of the One to Thought
A Phenomenal Theory of Causality
The Presumption of Movement
The Selfdeception of Nihilism

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Alba Papa-Grimaldi graduated in history and philosophy from the University of Naples, Italy, and carried out her PhD at the Department of Philosophy, University College London (UCL). Her thesis was developed into her first book Time and Reality, published in 1996. She also taught at UCL and was a lecturer at the University of Legon in Accra, Ghana. Her interests are in metaphysics and Orphans of the One represents a condensation of all her work on the subject over the last 10 years.

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