Periodization Training: Theory and Methodology-4th: Theory and Methodology-4th

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Human Kinetics, 1999 - 413 pagine

When it comes to designing programs for optimal training, Tudor Bompa's expertise is second to none. Bompa revolutionized western training methods when he introduced his groundbreaking theory of periodization in Romania in 1963. Today, periodization is the basis of every serious athlete's training.

Periodization is a scientifically based method for structuring short- and long-term training plans. Grounded in current research on exercise physiology, athletic psychology, and training methodology, periodization varies the intensity and volume of training to optimize the body's ability to recover and rebuild. This results in better performance and less risk of injury.

Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training, Fourth Editionpresents Bompa's latest refinements to the theory he developed. Formerly titled Theory and Methodology of Training,this long-standing classic has been translated into nine languages and has come to be regarded as the definitive reference on training theory. Now in its fourth edition, it's even better organized, easier to read, and more up-to-date than before.

No other book discusses planning and periodization in such detail or with so many specific, practical examples from a variety of sports. Periodization clearly describes
-the underlying principles of effective training;

-the objectives and components of an effective, comprehensive, long-term training program;

-proven strategies for optimal peaking; and

-how to train for better motor ability, working capacity, skill effectiveness, and psychological adaptability.
Learn how to train for maximum gains with insights from the man who pioneered the concept of periodization. With Bompa's Periodization, you'll build stronger, faster, more durable athletes for better performance.

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Informazioni sull'autore (1999)

Tudor O. Bompa, PhD,is recognized worldwide as the foremost expert on periodization training. He first developed the concept of ""periodization of strength"" in Romania in 1963, as he helped the Eastern Bloc countries rise to dominance in the athletic world. Since then, Bompa has used his system to train 11 Olympic Games and world championship medallists and elite athletes.

A full professor at York University in Toronto, Bompa has authored several important books on physical conditioning, including Serious Strength Training, Second Edition,Periodization Training for Sports,and Total Training for Young Championsas well as numerous articles on the subject. He has made presentations on periodization training in more than 30 countries. His publications, conferences, and ideas are highly regarded and enthusiastically sought out by many top professional athletes and training specialists. Bompa is married and lives in Sharon, Ontario.

Bompa currently offers certification programs in strength training, planning, and periodization. ""The Tudor Bompa Training System"" is designed for personal trainers, instructors, coaches, athletes, and educators. For more information, contact Dr. Tudor Bompa, P.O. Box 95, Sharon, ON, LOG 1VO, Canada.

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