Rural Tourism and Sustainable Business

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Derek R. Hall, Irene Kirkpatrick, Morag Mitchell
Channel View Publications, 1 gen 2005 - 370 pagine
This is a structured, edited book of nineteen Chapters which provides, from an inter-disciplinary perspective, latest thinking on, and practical case study exemplification of rural tourism and sustainable business development from Europe, North America, Australasia, the Middle East and Japan.

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Key Themes
European Perspectives
A North American Overview
Effective Marketing for Rural Tourism
Regional Cooperation in Rural Theme Trails
Rural Wine and Food Tourism Cluster
Globalisation Rural Tourism and Community Power

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The editors have all worked together in the former Leisure and Tourism Management Department of the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) which produced the 'Auchincruive Declaration' on tourism and rural sustainability in 1998, and which this book helps to perpetuate. They have common interests in sustainable rural development, notably Morag Mitchell in economic evaluation, Irene Kirkpatrick in equine recreation development, and Derek Hall in retirement recreation in the countryside. Dr Mitchell is now Rural Economist with SAC Aberdeen, Ms Kirkpatrick had administrative roles with SAC Auchincruive, and Professor Hall is Visiting Professor with Häme Polytechnic, Finland and a partner of Seabank Enterprises, Scotland.

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