Sail Performance: Techniques to Maximize Sail Power

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International Marine, 1996 - 401 pagine
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This volume replaces Marchaj's classic Sailing Theory and Pactice, published 25 years ago, and offers new information on, rig design, sail construction and trim, wind-sail interaction, and the structure of the wind. The performance of any sailing craft depends largely on the power of the available sail--how the rig uses the wind and turns it into a useful driving force. But sail forces are determined by a multitude of factors, including wind speed, sail area and shape, and steadiness of the wind, among others. From wind-tunnel tests that he has conducted, Marchaj describes how these factors affect sail power and why certain rigs are superior in power and efficiency--concluding that the Bermuda, or marconi, rig is by no means the best available. This major work is an accessible, nonmathematical treatment of the subject and marks a turning point in modern thinking in the arena.

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Sail Performance

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My husband wanted a book on this subject and I chose this one. The book opens with long sections on the physics of sail shape and size and is heavy on the mathematical equations used to calculate the ... Leggi recensione completa

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Tony Marchaj is a former research fellow in the department of aeronautics and astronautics at Southampton University and is now an independent aerodynamics consultant whose ability and advice are sought throughout the world. He is involved in many different research projects, ranging from 12-meter rig design to third-world fishing fleets.

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