Sudoku 20x20 Volume 1: Sudoku Xtra Specials

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 25 nov 2011 - 68 pagine
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This first volume of 20x20 Sudoku puzzles from best-selling Sudoku author Dr Gareth Moore provides 50 extra-large and attractive puzzles at the unusual size of 20x20. To solve these Sudoku just place A to T into every row, column and 5x4 box. Attractively presented with full rotational, horizontal and vertical symmetry in the given numbers, every puzzle is designed to be fun rather than frustrating with a guaranteed logical solution which does not require lots of pencilmarks to be made. Printed on large, high-quality paper, there's plenty of room to solve these puzzles.

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Dr Gareth Moore is the author of a wide range of brain-training and puzzle books for both children and adults, including The Mammoth Book of Fun Brain Training, The Rough Guide Book of Brain Training, Keep Your Brain Fit: 101 Ways to Tone your Mind, and The Mammoth Book of Brain Workouts. He also writes the monthly magazine Sudoku Xtra and runs the puzzle website

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