Terrorism and the Press: An Uneasy Relationship

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Peter Lang, 2009 - 208 pagine
Many books have been written about the press and terrorism - particularly since September 11th - but this is the first press-focused exploration of their relationship. Drawing upon the history of terrorism, mass communication research, media theory, and journalism practice, this book examines how the press reports terrorism, and how that reporting varies depending on the medium and location. Examining the differences in reporting - globally and historically within different media and government systems - <I>Terrorism and the Press provides insights for how, in the future, we can better navigate the relationship between the press, government, and audience when terrorists attack.

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When Journalism Is Accused of Terrorism
Lessons Learned

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Brooke Barnett is Associate Professor in the School of Communications at Elon University and Director of the Elon Program for Documentary Production. She has a PhD. in mass communication from Indiana University. She is co-editor of Multidisciplinary Approaches to Communication Law Research (2006) and author of Media Coverage of Crisis: The War on Terror and the Wars in Iraq (2005) as well as numerous journal articles and book chapters. Her professional background includes work as a news director, documentary producer, reporter, and producer in public television.
Amy Reynolds is Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the School of Journalism at Indiana University. She has a PhD. in mass communication from the University of Texas at Austin. She is the author or editor of four books and numerous refereed journal articles and book chapters. Her professional background includes work as a reporter and editor at newspapers and as a reporter, producer, and news director at local television news stations.

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