The Bread We Ate

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Guernica Editions, 2012 - 71 pagine
In The Bread We Ate, Ferrarelli continues the work begun in Dreamsearch (malafemmina) and Home is a Foreign Country (Eadmer) of putting into words her own struggles with displacement and loss, with the language and culture - misinterpretations and misidentification - but also those of the people who came before. As the one educated in English, she took it upon herself to honor and remember the lives of those who had come before and who had paved the way with their hard work, to speak for those who could not speak for themselves. Drawing from the past and the present, she gives us vivid individual portraits set in a community of shared values and shared ideals, "matching new bricks with the old, /blending the colors to look good."

Informazioni sull'autore (2012)

Rina Ferrarelli came from the region of Calabria, Italy, at the age of fifteen. She was awarded degrees in English from Mount Mercy College (now Carlow University) and Duquesne University, and taught English and translation studies at the University of Pittsburgh for many years. She has published a book and a chapbook of original poetry, Home Is a Foreign Country (Eadmer Press, 1996), and Dreamsearch (malafemmina press, 1992); and three books of translation, Light Without Motion (Owl Creek Press, 1989), I Saw the Muses (Guernica, 1997), and Winter Fragments: Selected Poems of Bartolo Cattafi, (Chelsea Editions, 2006).

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