The Cinema of Yorgos Lanthimos: Films, Form, Philosophy

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Eddie Falvey
Bloomsbury Academic, 2021 - 272 pagine
"Yorgos Lanthimos is among the most critically understudied figures of 21st century cinema. With directorial credits ranging from the romantic comedy My Best Friend , to festival hits The Lobster and The Killing of a Sacred Deer , to Academy Award-winning epics like The Favourite, Lanthimos has demonstrated a sustained preoccupation with trauma, grief, loss, loneliness, sex and violence that continue to be the thematic currency of his work. Yet little scholarly attention has been devoted to his body of work. This volume fills this gap in scholarship by examining the clear authorial continuity between Lanthimos's texts and his trademark contravention of aesthetic, thematic and generic boundaries. In keeping with the range of perspectives that Lanthimos's films invite, this edited collection of essays allows for an evocative survey of approaches to one of the most distinct voices in contemporary cinema. Featuring renowned scholars like Nathan Abrams, Alexios Lykidis, Savina Petkova and more, The Cinema of Yorgos Lanthimos delivers an exciting and long overdue examination of the acclaimed filmmaker."--

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