The Egyptian Book of the Dead: Translation and Commentary, Volume 1

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Privately printed for the Society of Biblical Archaeology, 1904 - 376 pagine
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Pagina 122 - Roman' in a wider and fuller sense. How this Romanization took place, and of what it consisted, is one of the most important, as it is one of the most elusive, questions on which the Severan remains of Tripolitania throw valuable light.
Pagina 121 - ... his setting, and I unite with the breeze at his coming forth : my two hands are pure for adoring him. May I be restored! May I be restored! I fly up to heaven and I alight upon the earth; and mine eye turneth back there towards the traces of my footsteps. I am the offspring of Yesterday; the tunnels of the earth have given me birth, and I am revealed at my appointed time.
Pagina 27 - Horus openeth ; the Great, the Mighty, who divideth the earths, the great one who resteth in the Mountain of the West, and lighteneth up the Tuat with his glories and the Souls in their hidden abode, by shining into their sepulchres. By hurling harm against the foe thou hast utterly destroyed all the adversaries of the Osiris N. HYMN II.
Pagina 75 - HEART mine which is that of my Mother, Whole Heart mine which is that of my birth, Let there be no estoppel against me through evidence, let no hindrance be made to me by the Divine Circle ; fall thou not against me in (the) presence of him who is at the Balance.
Pagina 142 - Bark and I raise myself up from the Eastern Hill. I stoop upon the Atit Bark, that I may come and raise to me those who are in their circles, and who bow down before me. I raise myself and gather myself together as the beautiful Golden Hawk with the head of a Heron, to listen to whose utterances Ra cometh every day, and I sit down in the midst of all the great gods of Heaven. The fields lie before me; the produce is before me; I eat of it, I wax radiant upon it, I am saturated with it to the satisfaction...
Pagina 70 - Heart of the god of mighty names [Thoth], of the great god whose words are in his members, and who giveth free course to his Heart which is within him. And most keen of insight is his heart among the gods. Ho to me! Heart of mine : I am in possession of thee, I am thy master, and thou art by me; fall not away from me; I am the dictator to whom thou shall obey in the Netherworld.
Pagina 24 - I am one' of these who honoured thee upon earth. Let me reach the Land of Ages, let me gain the land of Eternity ; for thou, my Lord, hast destined them for me. The Osiris N; he saith : Hail to thee who riseth up from the Horizon as Ra in union with Maat ; thou dost traverse heaven in peace and all men see thee as thou goest forward. And after being concealed from them thou presentest thyself at the dawn of each day. Brisk is the bark under thy Majesty. Thy rays are upon men's faces; the golden glories...
Pagina 76 - CHAPTER XXXA. Chapter whereby the Heart of a person is not kept back from him in the Netherworld. HEART mine which is that of my Mother, Whole Heart mine which was that of my coming upon Earth, Let there be no estoppel against me through evidence ; let not hindrance be made to me by the Divine Circle...
Pagina 154 - Selforiginating Force, together with Nu, in the name of Chepera, from whom I am born daily. I am the Lord of Daylight and I execrate Death, let me not enter into the dungeons of the gods of the Tuat. It is I who give glory to Osiris and propitiate the hearts of those who are with him, my own friends. They inspire the fear of me, and put forward my might to those within their domains. And behold me, how I am raised upon my pedestal and upon my throne. I am Nu. They shall not overthrow me who do wrong....
Pagina 119 - I draw night to the divine words which my ears shall hear in the Tuat; let no pollution of my mother be upon me; deliver me, protect me from him who closeth his eyes at twilight and bringeth to an end in darkness. I am the Overflower, and Kam-ura is my name: I bring to its fulness the Force which is hidden within me.

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