The Game of Work

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Gibbs Smith, 2007 - 178 pagine
Since its original printing in 1984, The Game of Work helped thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of managers and employees experience increased job enjoyment while producing extraordinary results. The Game of Work examines the question of why people work harder at sports and recreation than they do on the job and uses these as metaphors for inspirational leadership strategies. Corporations worldwide have enjoyed the increased productivity, employee satisfaction and motivation, and bottom-line profits by implementing the concepts taught in The Game of Work. As qualified people become increasingly difficult to attract and retain, the implementation of the five principles in this book is the one key factor to improving results, retention, and recruitment. Five principles of The Game of Work: Frequent feedback; Better scorekeeping; Clearly defined goals; Consistent coaching; A higher degree of personal choice.


The Game of Work
Field of Play
Attitudes of Winners
Results to Resources Ratio
Picking Winners
Coaching Winners to Greatness
Winning at the Game of Work
What Is the Game of Work?

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Pagina 2 - They can help identify external threats or challenges that need to be met. Successful emotional arousal is often associated with athletic teams. Chuck Coonradt (1985) observed that "people are willing to pay for the privilege of working harder than they will work when they are paid." That is, individuals will actually pay money in order to work at a more demanding level than the level at which they work when they are receiving a salary. Here is one example. In the frozen food business, people are...
Pagina 2 - The next morning, the same men who on workdays have trouble fixing a bowl of cold cereal are up at 4 am fixing a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, juice, and hot drinks. After breakfast they wander out into a freezing blizzard, hoping for a chance to drag a dead...
Pagina 2 - Thursday afternoon, it's as if every one of them takes some kind of magic energy pill. Their eyes open wide. They stay up all night cleaning rifles, sharpening knives, waterproofing boots, and loading the camper with hundreds of dollars

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Charles A. Coonradt founded The Game of Work in 1973. His methodology includes teaching the principles that unlock keys to employee involvement, engagement, and energy, thereby affecting a company's bottom line. Coonradt and his team of management consultants teach leaders how to effectively integrate these principles into their enterprises, which have included Fortune 500 companies and corporations such as Wendy's, Sherwin Williams, Boeing, Coors Brewing Company, Coca-Cola, Quaker Oats, Ralph's, and Sysco. Coonradt is internationally recognized in the fields of goal setting and profit improvement as an author, consultant, and speaker.

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