The Geoheritage of Hot Springs

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Springer Nature, 24 apr 2021 - 383 pagine
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The aim of this book is to provide an overview of topics related to the extensive geoheritage of hot springs, their natural environments, and their integration into commercial and industrial functions. The eleven chapters explore aspects of historical and cultural traditions, geology and geochemistry, research updates, conservation issues and of course health, wellness, and recreation throughout time. Because natural hot springs and active hydrothermal areas play a significant role in the tourism industry, visitor expectations are examined together with an assessment of common hazards and potential risks in active hydrothermal environments, along with recommendations how to stay safe.

For the purpose of showcasing certain unique features, to share noteworthy events and developments or to identify concerns associated with the sustainability of natural water source, examples of particular hot spring areas are included in several chapters. One chapter is also dedicated entirely to the protection of natural hot springs and raises awareness for conservation, while another chapter reviews the history of hot springs in great detail to establish a realistic and justifiable timeline of their original use. Lastly, the significance of natural hot springs for various tourism sectors is analysed and the potential for sustainable future destination development in rural and remote regions is discussed.

Many locations were considered and invite the reader to use the information as a reference point in the quest to further explore the remarkable natural and cultural geoheritage of hot springs worldwide.


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2 The Geology of Hot Springs
3 The Geochemistry of Hot Springs
4 The Conservation of Hot Springs
5 Hot Springs Throughout History
6 Hot Springs and Their Cultural Heritage
7 Hot Springs and Their Natural Heritage
8 Hot Springs Health and Wellbeing
9 Visitor Expectations and Risk Management at Hot Spring Destinations
10 Glossary of Terms Related to the Geoheritage of Hot Springs
11 Hot SpringsA Final Overview
Geographical Index

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Informazioni sull'autore (2021)

Patricia Erfurt studied geography, geology and soil science at the University of New England (UNE) in Armidale, New South Wales. She received her Ph.D. from James Cook University (JCU) in Cairns, Queensland, for the subject of natural hot springs and their role in health, wellness and recreation. Since retirement from university teaching, Patricia has worked as a Research Scientist and Consultant at GEOTOURISM Australia with a special focus on risk prevention and risk management in geothermal and volcanic environments. Her main research interests include exploring new hot spring locations with an emphasis on sustainable management and conservation of endangered sites. She spends much of her time publishing research findings and has authored and co-authored books, book chapters and articles about hot spring tourism, volcano tourism and geotourism. Patricia actively promotes the concept of sustainable geotourism, assists with planning and establishing geotrails and works as advisor for the conservation of natural and cultural resources and their geoheritage.

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