The Oceana and Other Works, Volume 1

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A. Millar, 1747 - 632 pagine
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Pagina 38 - out the other : as the People did the Nobility in Athens, and the Nobility the People in Rome. Secondly, when a Prince holds about half the Dominion, and the People the other half (which was the cafe of the Roman Emperors, planted partly upon their military Colonies, and partly upon the
Pagina 38 - certain other Confufions, which, being rooted in the balance, are of longer continuance, and of worfe confequence ; as firft, where a Nobility holds half the Property, or about that proportion, and the People the other half; in which cafe, without altering the balance, there is no remedy but the one muft
Pagina 37 - Revenue is in Trade) as is the proportion or balance of Dominion or Property in Land, fuch is the nature of the Empire, IF one Man be fole Landlord of a Territory, or overbalance
Pagina 189 - and feed Horfes and Chariots, and a People more than thou ; be not afraid of them, for the Lord thy God is he that
Pagina 37 - and by the teeth : for as much as he who wants Bread, is his Servant that will feed him ; if a Man thus feeds a whole People, they are under his Empire. EMPIRE is of two kinds,
Pagina 45 - the greatnefs of their Eftates only (which would tend to fuch Power as might force or draw the People) but by election for their excellent Parts, which tends to the advancement of the influence of their Virtue or Authority that leads the People.
Pagina 66 - a Nobility, and could bring them to his party, has thrown the People, as in France and Spain ; or the People where they have had no Nobility, or could get them to be of their party, have thrown the King, as in Holland, and of later times in
Pagina 54 - in the making of a Commonwealth, then in the governing of it, and laft of all in the leading of its Armys ; which (tho there be great Divines, great Lawyers, great men in all
Pagina 39 - he might have thought of this Sword, that without a Hand it is but cold Iron. The Hand which holds this Sword is the Militia of a Nation ; and the Militia of a Nation is either an Army in the field, or ready for the field upon occafion. But an Army is a Beaft that has a great belly, and muft be fed;
Pagina 37 - may have more of natural Strength, Beauty and Health, and yet find little remedy. The Principles of Government then are in the goods of the Mind, or in the goods of Fortune. To the goods of

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