The Pagan Dream of the Renaissance

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Red Wheel/Weiser, 1 gen 2002 - 292 pagine
During the Renaissance, a profound transformation occurred in Western culture, fueled in large part by the rediscovery of the pagan, mythological imagination. While the Greek gods and goddesses had never been entirely eclipsed during the "Dark Ages, " with the Renaissance their presence once again became a powerful force in almost every aspect of life and culture. This over-size, highly-illustrated work provides new perspectives on this hidden stream of spirituality that is so well reflected in art, monuments, and literature, but, until now, has been poorly understood from an inner perspective.

Godwin explains how the European imagination was seduced by the pagan gods, and how people of wealth and leisure -- including those associated with the Catholic Church -- began to decorate their villas and palaces with images of them, write stories about them, and even produce music and dramatic pageants about them. one of the most fascinating chapters, he explores the "garden magic" of the Renaissance villas, and takes the reader on a stunning tour of these complex esoteric landscapes, in which transformations of the soul became possible.


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Seduction by the Gods
Reordering the World
The Enchantment of Public Spaces
Private Microcosms
Joyous Festivals
Selective Genealogies Habsburg Este Gonzaga Medici
Sources of Illustrations

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