The Practice of Cookery, Pastry, and Confectionary

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Pagina 218 - ... the dough, with a fork, on baking-tins, and bake the buns for about 20 minutes. This mixture makes a very good cake, and if put into a tin, should be baked lj hour.
Pagina 36 - Rabbit, and boil it five minutes in five table-spoonsful of water ; — chop it fine ; or pound or bruise it in a small quantity of the liquor it was boiled in, and rub it through a sieve; —wash about...
Pagina 31 - Take half a pound of small pipe macaroni, and boil it in three quarts of water, with a little butter in it, till it is tender, after which strain it through a sieve.
Pagina 10 - The heaviest are best, and those of a middling size are sweetest. If light they are watery: when in perfection the joints of the legs are stiff, and the body has a very agreeable smell. The eyes look dead and loose when stale.
Pagina 8 - The gills of these fish should be a fine red, the eyes full, and the whole fish stiff and bright ; if the gills are of a faint colour, and the fish limber and wrinkled, it is bad.
Pagina 18 - When wanted for dressing, cut off the fore legs at the first joint, raise the skin of the back, and draw it over the hind legs. Leave the tail whole, then draw the skin over the back, and slip out the fore legs. Cut the skin from the neck and head, skin the ears, and leave them on.
Pagina 68 - Spice, and fry them brown in Oil and let them stand till they are cold, then put them into your Vinegar cold and cover them with oil.
Pagina 296 - The part c, f/, then lies uppermost, and the line a, b, underneath. The meat on the upper side of the ribs, is firmer, and of a closer texture, than the fleshy part underneath, which is by far the most tender ; of course, some prefer one part, and some another.
Pagina 19 - If your fowl is to be roasted, put a skewer in the first joint of the pinion, and bring the middle of the leg close to it. Put the skewer throug~h the middle of the leg, and through the body, and do the same on the other side. Put another skewer in the small of the leg, and through the sidesman; do the same on the other side, and then put another through the skin of the feet.
Pagina 34 - Venison :, current jelly warmed ; or half a pint of red wine, with a quarter of a pound of sugar, simmered over a clear fire for five or six minutes ; or half a pint of vinegar, and a quarter of a pound of sugar, simmered to syrup.

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