The Role of Creative Ignorance: Portraits of Path Finders and Path Creators

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Springer, 21 dic 2014 - 148 pagine
Traditionally, company experts and outside collaborators innovate by developing the knowledge map. Success or failure of incremental innovation hinges on this path. The Role of Creative Ignorance suggests the knowledge map should be abandoned and replaced with a new methodology, that of creative ignorance. With over 30 years of experience in international economics and entrepreneurship, Piero Formica explores the concept of creative ignorance in combination with path creation and its disruptive effect on entrepreneurship. Using narrative examples of innovators and companies worldwide, he introduces the characteristics of successful path creators that overstep the boundaries set by knowledge maps to open up new, unprecedented routes and connect them each other. In doing so, path creators reveal latent, unexpressed needs of consumers and drive innovation forward.


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Knowing and Not Knowing John Edmondson
Part I The Role of Creative Ignorance as a Willing Action
Part II The Portraits
Traveling to the No Comfort Zone and Reaching the Flow Zone
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Piero Formica is the founder of the International Entrepreneurship Academy and is Senior Research Fellow at the Innovation Value Institute of the Maynooth University, Ireland, where he leads an international research team on experimentation of high-expectation start-ups. Dr. Formica is also the course leader of Experimental Entrepreneurship at the University Centre for Entrepreneurship, Design and Innovation. As of November 2014, he is Associate Professor at ISTEC, France.

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