The Ultimate Sex Diet: The Super Sex Diet that Works

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True Courage Press, 2004 - 155 pagine
This is the inspiring story of how Kerry McCloskey, a research expert, discovered the extraordinary power of the Ultimate Sex Diet. Frustrated by every diet she tried, Kerry was overjoyed to quickly lose 23 pounds and keep them off-using the intense lovemaking and healthy lifestyle she developed during a whirlwind romance with her future husband. In fact, the Ultimate Sex Diet helped Kerry to realize her dream to become a successful model and has made her marriage stronger and more passionate than she ever imagined. Few Americans have been able to lose weight using today's most popular diets. In fact, 95 percent of those who lose weight on these diets gain it right back. The reason: denying ourselves the foods we love just doesn't work! Forget denial! Using the most advanced scientific research on the amazing exercise power of sex and on its extraordinary health benefits, Kerry clearly shows you how to use one of life's greatest pleasures to slim down, shape up, and achieve a happier, healthier life. Here are the passion-igniting techniques, the sexy exercises, and the healthy eating strategies you need to get the body you want while enjoying the best sex of your life. Soon you will be telling your friends: "Losing weight never felt so good!" Book jacket.

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