The Hidden Dimension

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Doubleday, 1966 - 201 pagine
An examination of various cultural concepts of space and how differences among them affect modern society. Introducing the science of "proxemics," Hall demonstrates how man's use of space can affect personal business relations, cross-cultural exchanges, architecture, city planning, and urban renewal.

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Recensione dell'utente  - EricPMagnuson - LibraryThing

Excellent book. I need to read it again because it's so rich in ideas. Started it in Formentera in July and read it over 5 weeks, interspersed with Wikinomics, Freakanomics and Flip, so some of the ... Leggi recensione completa

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Recensione dell'utente  - alcetkovic - LibraryThing

A classic on how people (and animals) react on space and proximity of others. Hall discusses how man's proxemics i.e. the interrelated observation and theories of man's use of space is culturally defined. Leggi recensione completa



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