The servant's behaviour book; or, Hints on manners and dress for maid servants in small households, by mrs. Motherly

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Bell and Daldy, 1859 - 91 pagine

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Pagina 49 - As I spoke to her she sank down on a chair saying 'Excuse me, ma'am, I am so tired,' but I could not excuse her. She acted very rudely. It would have been but a small effort to stand for a few moments, however tired she might be and girls who are not capable of such an effort are not fit for service.42 In the street, servants, male or female, walked a few paces behind their master or mistress.
Pagina 19 - ... may speak when spoken to," he grumbles, tucking his closing morning glory back inside his pajamas (behind her, bees are humming in the garden and there's a crackly pulsing of insects, but the birds have fallen silent: she had thought today might be perfect, but already it is slipping away from her), "unless it be to deliver a message or ask a necessary question.

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