Twentieth Century Type Designers

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Lund Humphries, 2002 - 192 pagine
Since its publication in 1987, Twentieth Century Type Designers has established itself as a standard work for typographers, graphic designers, students, and the interested reader. It was thoroughly revised for the Lund Humphries edition in 1995, and is now issued for the first time in paperback.
Although the skeleton shapes of our alphabet change hardly at all, many skilled designers have devoted much time, sometimes their whole lives, to drawing different versions of the outlines. This book is a clearly written, and jargon-free introduction to the concept of typefaces and to some of the personalities who have created them - Goudy, Rogers, Koch, Gill, Morison, Van Krimpen, Trump, Tschichold, Frutiger, Zapf, Unger, and many others - and sets them against the background of the great changes which have taken place over the last hundred years in the technology of type production.

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